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Tsuppari Ozumo [Nintendo Famicom] 1987

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1:56:02/ May 16, 2018

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We strap on our respective mawashis to talk about Tsuppari Ozumo, the 1987 sumo wrestling game developed and published by Tecmo for the Nintendo Famicom. So…why are we covering this game? Well. We’re done talking about the games on the NES Classic, and this one is on the Famicom Mini (also Dave really wanted to play it). If you’ve been listening to the show for a while you know that we aren’t exactly what you would call “sports experts” but maybe Tsuppari Ozumo is the game that converts us. Maybe from this point forward we become real big Sumoheads. At the very least, we discuss the game. We open a package from Trash Bear.

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Achievements Edit

Tyler Edit

  • Purple People Eater: Defeat the purple-skinned sumo wrestler.
  • Dicks Out For Yokozuna: Win a match by ripping off someone's mawashi.

Dave Edit

  • What Did The Five Fingers Say To The Face?: Slap your opponent out of the ring, and then yell "Unity!" (Submitted via Dr. Drunk).
  • Not So Incredible: Beat "The Hulk," the green-skinned sumo wrestler who wears purple mawashi. (Submitted Prince of Caps Xander).
  • 404 File Almost Found: Name your character "Tot," which also looks like the number 404 due to the game's script. (Submitted via Edgelord Kyle).
  • Don't Push Me 'Cause I'm Close To The Edge: Come back from the edge of the ring and win.
  • I Put My Thing Down Flip It And Reverse It: Slap your opponent out of the ring, and then yell "Unity!"

Beards and Glasses Edit

Beard Edit

  • The beard of The Big Show from the WWE

Glasses Edit

  • The glasses of Japanese yokozuna Yamamotoyama Ryūta.

Points of note Edit

  • The game "Robo Push" is proposed as a reskinned version of Tsuppari Ozumo for a Western audience.
    • Miss Elliott is a proposed yokozuna.
    • Your trainer is cartoon, purple Henry Rollins
  • T-Shirt Idea: Def Jam's Robo Push
  • T-Shirt Idea: Dave Style Chicken

Gameplay footage on Twitch Edit

Tsuppari Ozumo - Twitch Livestream

Tsuppari Ozumo - Twitch Livestream

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