T-shirt Idea Episode Explanation
Kicking Your Watermelons 1 Reference to Megaman X Street Fighter weapon
JRPG or GTFO 8 With regards to SNES, Tyler is generally JRPG or GTFO.
Open Wide for Chunky 398 Quote from Ballz in-game jumbotron
Black shirt with a red text that says:

"It's fun to be a dick sometimes."

- Gandhi

445 A call back to Dave's past gaming life as a griefer, along with video game Gandhi's proclivity toward nuclear weapons.
Charlie Manson with Tadpog logo covering his Swastika 451 Part of the "Cover up hate with Tadpog" campaign.
Chunky’s Horse Emissions Since 1912 465 Derived from an old commercial and a Bible verse.
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