Tyler and Dave have jokingly suggested a wide variety of potential donor prizes should their Patreon reach specific milestones. Although they would likely prefer that these ideas are lost to the ether of the Internet, they shall be cataloged below in case they wish to revisit them and make good on their ridiculous promises.

$400 Edit

Livestream: Tyler and Dave will order and eat Deadpool's favorite pizza: Pineapple and olive with burnt crust.

$500 Edit

Tyler and Dave will get professional portrait photos from Sears of them with their Waifu pillows.

$600 Edit

Livestream: Dave will make Tyler Dave Style Chicken (boiled chicken breast that has been grilled in a press and covered with cheese) and they will eat it and get very drunk while they search for pornographic images of the Lady Broodal from Super Mario Odyssey. Proposed in Episode 448 - Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

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