This page is intended to house any joke, catchphrase or idea that is repeated over multiple episodes and is not immediately clear on meaning.




Episode of Origin Referenced In Episode(s)
Yuki's Mama Fictional 90s Dev Derived from "Youkichan's Papa" in the game's credits. 2 3, 9, 10
RADPOG Tyler and Dave's fathers review Mortal Kombat. Randy and David Play Old Games 3
Marriage Rapture An event caused by a loophole in the Mortal Kombat tournament by-laws Shao Kahn's wife died at a young age and was reborn on Earth, which allows him to to start shit again on Earth. 5
TADPOG Points/Dollars Used to get behind the paywall. Also corresponds to the amount of wolves Jacob has to fight (yearly points given divided by 5). If you show Tyler and Dave your high school yearbook with the senior quote being "There is no knowledge that is not power.", you will get 1000 TADPOG Points, which can be converted into 50 TADPOG Dollars. 5
Butt Cake Translation error type thing A phrase that one of the Double Dragon Neon characters says. 10 12
Earthbound / Chrono Trigger "Earthbound Earthbound Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger" Tyler and Dave compare other games to these frequently. Try to count how many times! 12
Rat Tails / Shane Dirtbag Super Combo Bad experiences with both rat tail hair styles and people named Shane have caused Tyler and Dave to exude prejudice toward them. 12
Church Basement regarding fingering and the anus It originates from a youthful tale of Tyler fingering a chubby girl in the basement of a church and later wondering whether or not he was in her butthole by accident. 37
Tyrone Alternate name for Tyler Tyler prefers it. Mostly Jacob calls him Tyrone. 37


Slang for penis It stems from Tyler's inability to say "goober" as a child.
Germit Junk food sold at convenience stores
Episode 301 Unreleased (non-existent?) Episode "301 isn't out yet. Our last episode will be 301." -Dave Moore 301 lol 400


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